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Investing in and managing the planning, entitlement and development of a complex real estate project is both an art and a science. No two properties, projects, or clients have identical goals, challenges or needs, thus each specific situation must be addressed with a unique program. This is the art. The science comes from a disciplined approach that brings together the ideas, team and plan necessary to create the desired result. We address each assignment with these core competencies:

The entitlement process is a complex one, with any number of issues standing in the way of success. AndersonPacific, LLC has a proven expertise in solving complex land entitlement issues to maximize to fiscal and social return of its projects. The principals have over thirty years experience in managing this process for some of the most notable projects in the United States.

Identifying the appropriate plan - utilizing Smart Growth and New Urbanist principles, AndersonPacific, LLC assembles the best architects and planners in the United States to design a project that is sensitive to the community, creates a very strong sense of place, and creates superior financial value.

Navigating the development process involves the utmost care in shepherding the project through the construction phase, with meticulous attention to budget and schedule. This is the only way to fully realize all of the goals. The expertise of the AndersonPacific team facilitates the full realization of value in place and economics.