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AndersonPacific, LLC was formed to pursue the investment, planning, design, entitlement and development of community plans and mixed-use infill projects closely following principles intended to create livable and walkable communities.

While this notion is sometimes discussed in different terms including "Smart Growth", New Urbanism, Traditional Neighborhood Design, Livability, and Progressive Development, AndersonPacific, LLC's core belief is that truly successful real estate projects, in both social and financial terms, are conceived and implemented without succumbing to fads. Instead they embrace the most fundamental and historically tested planning and real estate principles.

Over the past fifty years, all segments of real estate in the United States, including office, retail, industrial, civic, and housing have largely been developed in a segregated and piece-meal manner such that our country's infrastructure, and especially roadway transportation systems (i.e. traffic), has been overwhelmed. As a result, communities and governments typically associate all development with the degradation of the quality of life thereby vigorously opposing or taxing it to be un-viable. Unfortunately, this largely exacerbates the problems associated with quality of life issues. Rather than addressing poorly planned environments, cheaper, short lived, and lower density projects which disproportionately use precious resources are encouraged. In California, these problems, associated with increasing population, have lead to one of the State's most acute housing crises ever.

Realizing that the first realistic step in breaking this cycle is to work with governments and related legislation, AndersonPacific, LLC initially focuses on entitlement and regulatory matters. To implement solutions rather than just work in theory or academic processes, AndersonPacific, LLC acts as the managing executive for its own account or for property owners with large, complex real estate projects that have inherent planning, entitlement and development challenges. In addition, AndersonPacific, LLC, works with various investment funds that are sensitive to and appreciate the above-market appreciation of the projects and real estate that follow smart growth principles.

AndersonPacific, LLC is emerging as the West Coast's pre-eminent developer of livable and walkable communities.