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Amerige Heights(formerly Hughes-Fullerton) is a 293 acre property that was owned by the Hughes Corporation. The site had 1.5 million sq.ft. of light industrial/office space, 80% of which was vacant. Hughes had gone through five years of failed attempts to re-zone the area for 400 residential units.

As a founding partner of CommonWealth Partners, Anderson took the lead in formulating a strategy to develop consensus among disparate parties, as well as to create an achievable and economic long term master plan for the area. Anderson brought in Peter Calthorpe, a talented land planner who advocated "New Urbanist Communities." Within 24 months, the Specific Plan, General Plan Amendment, Zoning change, Development Agreement and Full EIR were drafted along with hundreds of community meetings, open houses and Design Charrettes.

The ultimate plan created a new mixed-use, "walkable" community with 1,250 units of attached and detached housing, a new elementary school site, improvements to an adjacent high school, 2 million sq. ft of office/commercial and a new town center, which received a 90% approval rating by the surrounding community.