· 5.6 acre site
· 316 for-sale residential units
· 12,015 sq.ft of commercial

· 29,000 sq.ft of private open space
· 48,000 sq.ft of public open space/park

· International Mixed-use Design Award

· New Urban News Article: "Innovative Design for California Infill - Jan-08

LIVERMORE VILLAGE is a mixed-use, transit-oriented, infill project in the heart of downtown Livermore, CA. The project is comprised of 316 townhomes, flats and courtyard housing over structured parking. Some ground floor retail, an arts center and other civic uses are also included. When completed, this project will create the new, revitalized center of Downtown Livermore, located one block from the bus and rail multi-modal center.

The project received full entitlements - Vesting Tentative Tract Map, Development Agreement, Design Review Approvals, and was awarded an IMCL International Mixed-use Design Award.

The City of Livermore's Downtown Specific Plan re-focused development to create a vibrant walkable and transit oriented community in compliance with Smart Growth and/or New Urbanist principles. Based upon past and recent success in New Urban, pedestrian-oriented communities throughout the nation, AndersonPacific was invited by the City to implement a vision for their primary designated Catalyst Site in the center of Downtown. AndersonPacific has been designated "Master Developer" over the four city block area.

The City recently completed a $12 million renovation to upgrade to First Street, the City's "main street". Directly east of the project site, a new 500-seat Performing Arts Center, 15-screen movie theatre, mixed-use office/retail and hotel complex have recently opened with great success.


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